In Home Closet Editing

 How amazing would it be to open your closet and feel inspired to get dressed?

What if everything fit you NOW and you knew how to style everything so you always looked and felt your best?

That is the goal of having an organized closet - but it can be an intimidating task to do alone. This is a signature service offered by the owner of Consign Couture, Tamara, and is the foundation of why she opened Consign Couture. She believes that if you can start your day with fewer decisions and less anxiety about what to wear -- you can change your life.


This service comes with the following:

Free consultation prior to editing your closet

5 hours of in person editing

All clothes that work for the store will be brought to Consign Couture and anything that doesn't will be donated. 

If we can't get you in soon enough for you, we have 5 other professional organizers we work with and happily refer our customers to.


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