Meet Our Team

Store Manager

Hi there, my name is Hunter! I love the atmosphere I get to help create here at Consign Couture. I enjoy organizing spaces, color coordinating, and helping people step outside their style comfort zones.

I always keep my entire wardrobe available to purchase in order to keep it continually cycling in and out. I have gone through many style phases, but recently cottagecore has taken hold of me.

If you see a 6’3” guy in a cardigan and pearls at an estate sale holding a bunch of cat sweaters… it's probably me.


Jane, InternJane

Hi, I’m Jane! I joined Consign Couture in August 2021 and knew at once I’d found my happy place.

Most importantly, I work with wonderful people that share the same vision as me; that of helping people find special pieces of clothing that they can treasure while trying to break the cycle of buying and perpetuating fast fashion at the same time.

I love that we have a wide variety of different high end designers, catering to wonderful individuals!


Research & Sales

I am writing a cookbook in my free time and love to create fun outfits to post on the store’s social media. I have a passion for researching and discovering small sustainable fashion brands.

I’ve been listing clothing for myself and friends on reselling platforms for a while now. As for my personal style I love muted tones, pops of warm color, and a classic white button up! 

Online Listing Assistant

I specialize in photographing and listing our items on multiple online selling platforms. I started working at Consign Couture in February, however, I've known Tamara since I was 8 years old - she has played a large part in my love of secondhand fashion. I love to wear bright patterns, dad sneakers, and textures.

I am currently a senior in high school, so most of my free time involves homework and planning for the club I run: Sexuality and Gender Acceptance.