Sustainable Fashion Book Club Recap: 5 Brands Leading the Way

The fashion industry is the third highest pollutant in the world. 

We have hosted two sustainable fashion book clubs at the shop so far, and each book we've read has been an eye opening experience of recognizing that our shopping habits and fashion decisions are now a question of ethics. As consumers in this industry we have the power to vote with our dollars and help fuel a transformation. 


Our most recent book club was focused on the book "Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe" by Greta Eagan. It is a handbook of sorts that looks to inspire a change in our consumption habits that is more ethically conscious. After reading this book you will no longer be able to shop without scrutinizing tags for fiber content and mentally rating the quality of the item you are purchasing. By paying attention to where a clothing item is made, the fibers it's made out of, and the practices of the brand producing it, we can make better fashion choices that are not only better for the environment but will fill our wardrobes with higher quality, longer lasting clothing that will hold up for years of use.

Five brands that are setting the tone for sustainable fashion:

  1. Patagonia: 100% committed to functionality and the environment, Patagonia has a program called Common Threads where they take back used Patagonia Capilene and repurpose it into usable fabric again. 
  2. Eileen Fisher: In 2013 the Green Eileen concept was launched. Customers can now bring back their used Eileen Fisher pieces to any of their locations, and once they are inspected and sorted, the items that meet their standard for good condition are resold in a Green Eileen store at a discount.   
  3. People Tree: As a fair trade company, People Tree abides by the ten fair trade standards set by the World Fair Trade Organization. They solely use natural, sustainable fibers free of chemicals and pesticides. 
  4. Everlane: "Radical Transparency" is the MO of this company. Besides working with the most ethical factories around the world and sourcing quality fibers and materials that are made to last, Everlane also chooses to share the exact amount their pieces cost to make, including material, labor, transport, etc. 
  5. Reformation: Based in Los Angeles, Reformation does the majority of their designing and manufacturing there. Their mission is to make as little environmental impact as possible while making beautiful, quality clothing. 

Besides choosing to support more ethically conscious brands, one of the biggest ways you can contribute to sustainable fashion and promote recycling of clothing is by shopping resale and consignment. As a consignment shop we are striving to resell clothing that is made from natural, recyclable fibers of a quality that will hold up for years to come. This Reformation dress came into the shop last week and is the perfect example of what we strive to carry. Below are the dress tags that speak to the sustainable nature of their company and what we look for in a re-sellable garment. 

IMG_0706.JPG reformation tags.jpg