Portland Night Market Offers a Curated Portland Experience


I sat down with Emma Pelett (organizer of the PNM) this week and asked her a few questions. Her day job consists of doing the accessories buying for City Liquidators and managing her families industrial properties. I was curious how she put the market together seamlessly for the first round. Besides the long line to get in, it was one of the best pop up shop/Market events I've ever attended or been a part of as a vendor. She seems to really understand the benefit for creating a place where businesses can be open past 6pm in a fun environment. In January and February when most retail stores are suffering from their customers being in hibernation the PNM allows a push in sales and marketing can make a huge difference for business. 

TY; How did the idea for the PNM come to be?

EP: When I was traveling in Beijing I saw a lot of night markets there and all around China, I came back and wanted to do one for the inner east side. This was 6 years ago and It took till last September for the idea to feel like it was the right time. 

TY: How is the PNM different than a street fair?

EM: We invited people from Portland that are building their biz in a larger way. Like Jacobson Salt, Masala Popcorn, Olympic Provisions but at the end of the day they are still makers.  A handpicked version of shops and makers of what makes portland great. 

Emma told me that her goal along with all the volunteers making the event possible was to "curate an experience". Portland is getting expensive --its so nice have a free community event to gather, taste craft alcohol, juices, coffee, cookies and see some of the makers that make Portland so unique. In a short amount of time you can see places from all over the city.  The 2 biggest adjustments from the last night market to this upcoming one is there will be more food vendors and they made the event footprint larger allowing more headcount and reducing the line. 

You can see the line up of the next Portland Night Market here

I hope to see you there! You can also RSVP on FB Here