Our 4 Core Values

It is important to us to use the voice we have to make a positive impact on our community. These are the 4 core values at the heart of Consign Couture that represent what we advocate for and support as a business:

  1. Educating on how to live more sustainably, both in regards to fashion and in every day life. 
  2. Striving to carry an equal selection of sizes 10 and over as smaller clothes, and promoting other consignment, resale and local stores you can feel good about shopping at if you don't wear under a size 10.
  3. Providing our community with workshops and classes that get women together as a way to educate, provide connection, inspire motivation and creativity, reduce stress, etc. 
  4. Sharing resources and recommendations for maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit as a way of encouraging mental health support, especially by offering a list of providers who are accepting new patients and who offer sliding scales. Email us privately and we can share that list with you. 
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