New Arrivals At The Society Hotel: Chloe + Jade

These crazy girls have been a part of my life for nearly 5 years now. They grew up in Bellingham, WA and their moms were pregnant together nearly 24 years ago. I met Chloe one day when she was shopping and knew I wanted her to work in the shop. About a year later when I was living out of state for a while; Chloe introduced me to Jade and the 2 girls managed the shop together perfectly. They have been a blessing to my life and business and its been so fun watching them grow as women. Their friendship is one that I’ve never seen anything like.

Here’s a little Q + A with the girls after our shoot at The Society Hotel


What are you up to now?

Chloe: I've been a part of the Oblation Papers & Press team for about two years now, and recently became the manager of the digital design department. The position is time consuming, but I love the people I work with, and am getting good experience while finishing my graphic design degree at Portland State University.


I am currently in my 4th term of massage school at East West College of the Healing Arts, and will be able to get my license in the Spring of 2017. I work a few days a week at a cute little restaurant, and of course at the beloved Consign Couture on Saturdays because Tamara can't get rid of me! I spend any free time I have hanging out with loved ones, taking dance classes, cooking, reading, netflix-ing and being outside.

What is your favorite thing to do in Portland together?

Chloe: Jade will forever be my favorite person to dance with. The amount of energy bottled up in that tiny human is amazing, so dancing at a concert, random club or bar will always be a good time when she's around. I also love when we can plan date nights, and treat ourselves to dinner and drinks at new restaurants around town. It doesn't happen often since our schedules often clash, but that what makes the time even more special. *cheese*


We like to eat good food, drink good drinks, hike in the lovely surrounding areas of Portland, have fun nights out, and cozy nights in! Basically no matter what I'm doing with Chloe I have a good time.

What is your favorite thing you've ever gotten at cc?

Chloe: The first item that comes to mind is this Pendleton Portland Collection poncho sweater. It came in one dreary day, and I immediately knew I couldn't live without it. Soft wool. Black. Large and boxy. Yes.

Jade: It's going to sound lame but my best loved and most worn thing I've ever gotten at CC is a pair of amazing high waisted Lululemon leggings that I have literally been able to make work for every activity in my life. School? Yes. Work? Yes. Dance class? Yes. Hiking? Yes. Lounging? Yes. Going out? Yes, I'm pretty sure I've worn them to go out too.

What is a memory that sticks out from the times you worked at cc?

Chloe: Either the memory of how I got hired -- trying on clothes in the dressing room, and having Tamara hire me upon our first meeting, or the days when Jade and I were the only two working and would be able to organize the shop, collaborate on social media together and host cold, Winter events in the shop.

Jade: I loved the day when Tamara decided we needed to drag the teal couch out to the backyard to take photos. I had just put on stiletto heels when she got the idea, and instead of asking me to take them off and help her, she said "Oh, I'll just carry you out to the couch." I ended up taking the shoes off and helping her anyways, but I truly do not doubt that she would have moved that couch out to the back yard by herself and then carried me too! Too funny.

What would you say is your superpower?

Chloe: Always a tough question. I think I'm relatively good at remaining level headed even in stressful situations. Whether it's work related, or a friend is in emotion need I like to think that I can keep calm throughout any situation, listen to whoever is in need, and keep a positive attitude.


I have an annoyingly good memory (only annoying because I expect everyone else to have the same memory capacity, which just isn't so,) and I have a knack for remembering small details.



Clothing Details: Top to Bottom

Dress w/ gold: Vintage (4)

Dress (black) Vera Wang (6)

Beaded Black Top by J. Crew (S)

Legging/Pants by J. Crew (Olive/0)

Black Silk Top, Nike Hoodie & Portland Top (sold on the shoot)

Loafers by Dr. Martian (6)

Chunky Sweater (M/)

Tassle Necklace by Le Jardin

gold Earrings By Kirsten Elise

Wrap Top by DVF (0-4)

Pleated Skirt Pins & Needles (4)

Black Heels by Topshop (6.5)

Black Coat by Laundry (10)

Tweed Skirt by St. John (M)

Silver Dress by BCBG (2)