Local Jewelry Designers We Love + Carry

When clothes and shoes don't fit, jewelry always does. The designers we've chosen to carry at Consign Couture are not only talented at their craft but the women behind making the actual pieces are all incredible women. Every one of these ladies I think the world of personally and professionally. We've grown together in this business ownership gig, and the shop would not be the same without them. Each designer below has a link to their online shop if you want to see more of their designs. 


Chapter Jewelry: Made by Erica Brotzman 

" I design pieces that are defined by contours, delicacy and negative space, for versatility that can link day to night, the present to the future, and one chapter to the next. This is jewelry for every story."


Saressa Designs: Made by Rachel Hughes 

"Classic and modern are beautifully balanced with each piece from Saressa Designs. Self-taught designer Rachel Hughes creates a striking line of handcrafted jewelry that is trendsetting and timeless, making adornment effortless for her customers."

image (2).png

Kirsten Elise: Made by Kirsten Landau

"Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't rad as fuck" 

One of a kind jewelry made with gem stones, vintage chain, and bones.

image (5).png

Ayumi Angel: Made by Ayumi Angel 

"The philosophy behind the collections is that fashion should be simple and easy. The inspiration behind the designs are the minimalist aesthetic found in Asia where Ayumi lived and traveled extensively"



Ann Revere Lavenda Collection: Made by Allie Philips

"Ann Revere Jewelry is named after my wonderful grandparents, Edna Ann & Paul Revere. They will always be my greatest inspiration to follow my heart and pursue my passion."


image (8).png

Morgen Barrett Designs: Made by Morgen Barrett

" I have a love and passion for drama and art and decided that I would use my talent to create dramatic designs through jewelry. In the last 6 years, I have improved my talent and have created my own style through my unique designs."


A Tea Leaf: Made by Alissa Thiele 

"Today, A Tea Leaf jewelry is still inspired by nature and exploring the Pacific Northwest as well as vintage touches. As a "one woman shop", I do it all: from concept to creation to packaging and shipping. It all happens from A Tea Leaf HQ (my apartment)."

image (3).png

Brighton Place: Made by Dani Collette 

"I started this shop to share my creations with those who have a love for the unique and handmade. Watch as I create everything from functional work and jewelry to fine art that will be shared with those who have an appreciation for the beautiful and unique. 


You can't go wrong with supporting any of these designers in the shop or with them directly.