JD's Shoe Repair


I met Julie because I like to repair my most loved shoes instead of buy new ones. When you walk into her shop on 728 N Alberta every ounce of floor space is full of creative ideas that improve her business. I took this photo her her with her mom when she hand delivered a pair of boots he had fixed for me.  She has a beautiful calm spirit and always talks about the joy of riding her bike and still really loves her work as a cobbler. 

As we have gotten to know each other we are trying to figure out a way to work together more (since there is no shoe repair in St. Johns) For now, we are going to host "pop up shoe repair parties" HA. I'm Serious. Tomorrow, Julie will be at our anniversary party from 4-8 shining shoes and taking any of your shoes that need to be repaired and then return them back to Consign Couture. 

I asked her how she got into her current line of work

Before shoe repair I had worked as a union organizer and community organizer in public schools, but I always felt a yearning for shoe repair. I can't explain it. I had to get into it, though. I was able to get on the job training at Art n Sole and with Cobbler Bill, then decided to open my own shop in my own neighborhood in 2009. It's been 11 years in the trade and I'm always learning more about my craft. I love the variety of work and the tools, and I have huge appreciation for the shoes and my customers. 

What keeps you in it? 

I would say that shoe repair is humble work and grand work all at once. I love to keep shoes going for people for whatever reasons they have. I love the incredible variety and also the consistency in shoes. 

This is a 2nd career for you? 

It is. I love it continually, plus there is the ever expanding journey of small business ownership. I'm in my version of what you were talking about last week, dealing with a couple of displeased customers and smoothing and diffusing. Mostly it is rewarding and great.

You can find JD's shoe repair on Instagram @jdshoerepair on the web here: Jd's Shoe Repair