How We Price Your Consignment Items


We don't just randomly choose a price to stick on your clothing when we price your consignment items. That being said, we also don't have a specific algorithm that we abide by when choosing what we put on a price tag. Here are the main things we pay attention to when we price your items: 

  1. The quality, condition and age of the item 
  2. The brand and approximately what it would have retailed for new 
  3. The style of the item 

When we don't have solid knowledge of a brand or where it retails, we look it up to get an idea of where it sells, for how much, how current it is, and whether or not that particular brand tends to go on sale a lot. 

The main thing we keep in mind when pricing clothes is how much an item will realistically sell for at our shop according to the customer base we have, the season it's selling in, and what we've seen similar things sell for in the past.