Behind The Scenes At The Shop

It's a daily whirl wind here at the shop in the best of ways: there is certainly never a lack of things to do when it comes to keeping a small business up and running. Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? Here are some of the many things we tend to throughout the day: 

  1. Responding to shop emails, social media messages, texts and voicemails. Lots of them. In order to not get buried in the many inquiries we get daily, it's a constant housekeeping activity. 
  2. Organizing daily mini photo shoots to capture new arrivals and putting together content for social media, newsletters, blog posts, etc. 
  3. Constantly organizing racks, jewelry, shoes, etc. and running go backs throughout the day 
  4. Taking in consignment, entering it into the system, pricing, tagging, and getting all that inventory out onto the sales floor
  5. Pulling expired items and either donating them or gathering them to be picked up by the consignors who want them back 
  6. Packaging and mailing items that sell over social media 
  7. Planning and brainstorming for future shop parties and events 
  8. Trying not to get too off track from gushing over whatever cute animal or child that happens to be at the shop
  9. Sporadic dance parties 
  10. And so on and so forth: never a dull moment! 
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