5 Consignment Items That Just Don't Sell Anymore

It's become apparent, in the last year or two especially, that certain items absolutely do not move for us in the shop. This is due to many factors, including evolving trends, preferences of our local community, etc. We've compiled a list of things that haven't budged off the shelves for a while and that we always end up having to donate or return to consignors. 

  1. Bootcut denim and trousers
  2. Many heels, especially kitten heels and square or pointed toe heels 
  3. Ruffled skirts 
  4. Two piece women's work suits
  5. Certain handbag styles, including hobo style bags and designer bags with signature print 

Because we have limited room for inventory, we are trying to streamline and curate our selection more and more. When we say no to some of your consignment items, please don't take it personally: we have to take in clothes according to what we see selling so we can keep things rotating and avoid stagnancy.