48 Hours in Phoenix

In the last year I've been to Phoenix 3 times. A place i never thought i'd fall in love with but it really has become one of my favorite place to have a long weekend trip! Its so true if you know a local and find the best spots any city can be refreshing. One of the main draws here are my dear friends who live here Adam and Hayfa. I met them when they lived in Portland but they are both from Phoenix. I had to share my favorite spots (all food spots guided by Hayfa) for those of you who can find cheap airfare to Phoenix and want to enjoy it like a local. If you're willing to fly frontier you can find $78 RT tickets often from PDX - PHX! You can't bring luggage when you fly Frontier -- so I always recommend Southwest. 

Must Visit Stores


My Favorite Spots to Eat: all places found because Hayfa knows what I like 

Lastly, If you can swing it go to Sedona! One of the most beautiful places in the US. (2.5 hours from Phoenix) and eat at  http://chocolatree.com/ and pay $9 for the most amazing drink you will ever have called the "warm on" (shown in photos below with a heart) 

Have Fun!