4/8 Resale & Consignment Shopping Tour Recap


Putting on these shopping tours has been a dream come true. Getting thirty women together on a bus to tour a selection of Portland's best resale, consignment and vintage stores draws in a diverse group of women who would probably never have gotten the chance to meet otherwise. On this tour we had it all: mother and daughter pairs, friends, singular women, forever customers of Consign Couture, brand new faces, women who love fashion, women who don't feel all that fashion savvy, and women who's first language is something other than English.  

The stores we showcased on this tour were all very unique from each other and all evoked the exciting feeling that comes with shopping secondhand: it's like a treasure hunt, and you never know what gems you're going to find. 

Our tour route: 

1. Consign Couture in St. John's 

   This has been our starting and ending point for all of our tours so far, where we kick the tour off with coffee, mimosas, and breakfast snacks. Located in a space that was previously an auto body garage, this shop of seven years is the epitome of repurposed magic.

656529D3-1D17-413D-A91F-A86B6C368E9F.JPG IMG_3954-1.JPG

2. Trove in Southwest Portland 

    An exquisitely curated little boutique with an eclectic collection of vintage home, beauty, garden and fashion pieces from all around the world. Stepping in here was like stepping into an extravagantly colorful world of beauty and texture that you never wanted to leave. 

IMG_3957.JPG IMG_3962.JPG

3. Vice in Sellwood 

    They carefully curate their tiny, bright and elegant space with a gorgeous array of designer pieces, the majority of which are sourced from New York and California. Every piece in this shop is beautifully made and of the highest designer quality. 


4. Consign Couture in Lake Oswego    

    We were excited to have our very new Lake Oswego location be part of the tour. In this big, bright and open space we're creating a haven of not just consignment but putting an emphasis on self-care, wellness, education and empowerment. We have Renée Lara here as our in house stylist, who will be hosting weekly style chats on Friday mornings, as well as providing other services that will help you in "connecting personal style to fashion and well-being." 


5. Consigning Women in Lake Oswego  

    They have a large and very well put together selection of consigned clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, etc. There are some truly beautiful pieces here and hidden gems on their sale racks. There is literally something for everyone here.

IMG_3958.JPG IMG_3953.JPG

We've chosen to focus these shopping tours on resale, consignment and vintage shops to promote the support of small, local businesses and to advocate for the sustainability factor that goes with consuming used clothing and goods rather than buying everything new. After gaining an awareness of some of the scary truths of the fashion industry, it becomes imperative that we try to shift our habits even just a little bit by supporting recycled fashion. 

Join us on our next shopping tour on June 10th: come by yourself, with a friend, with your mom, with your daughter. You can purchase tickets at Eventbrite, and stay tuned for more details as the date gets closer. See you on the bus!